So I was desperate one night. I wasn't drinking or anything but was certainly lacking my usual skills of judgement... You know, we've all been there. Except instead of texting exes and Facebook ranting, I sign up for stuff. 

It's like this:

Hey! I write music, and have a bunch of unused tracks, why don't I just sell them on audio jungle and get some connections?? 

Then it's like this:

Okay if I make 100 tracks and they each sell for $10 5 times a year, that's.... $5,000. Okay but, BUT!!! If I have 200 tracks that sell once a month, that's $24,000!!! Boom.. 

Then it's like: 

Upload track, fill in information, agree to not sell it anywhere else, write a description, bla bla bla, submit. And wait. 


So I did all that with one track. Then after a couple days of hearings nothing I started regretting the whole thing. Let's face it, I'm better than this. Plus I'm not going to upload 200 miraculously successful tracks to a website... It's just not worth it. I tried to delete my account but believe it or not that button is hard to find... And I was lazy. I really just wanted to cancel the submission on principle alone.

Then I got the best news ever!  Get this. My track got rejected! "Not a high enough standard of quality"


What a relief. These guys read my mind. And no I wasn't offended in the least by the rejection. Heck it might have just been a technical specification. But just so everybody knows... This was the very track that landed me my first feature-length soundtrack gig.

Fun times. Well, hit me up if you're a director. Will compose for film!