- Composer -

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I started out as a promising young student in high school, composing for live ensembles starting at age 14. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to compete several times locally and nationally, winning several awards. As I moved into film scoring, I started small with a couple indie shorts and quickly got my first opportunity to score a feature; Addiction: a 60s Love Story, directed by Tate Steinsiek (from SyFy's Face Off). We continue to work together today on his ongoing career in horror filmmaking.

Along the way I also connected with popular film critic Chris Stuckmann from YouTube fame. We have worked together on projects related to his channel as well as films h has directed and produced.

As you'll read below, I am the creative director of WONDERHEIM. It's my artistic outlet here in Tulsa. It goes without saying that nearly all the music associated with its projects are scored myself and produced (literally) in-house.

I personally use Logic Pro with East West's expansive sound libraries to create fully realized scores that are as indistinguishable as possible from the classics you've heard in Hollywood. When possible, I provide written scores for live recorded ensembles.


- filmmaker -


Filmmaking is a passion of mine. With Wonderheim I'm able to create on a consistent basis. Most of the projects there are only shot by someone else if I'm in frame.

Aside from my previously-mentioned musical talents; I'm a director, producer, cinematographer, actor, visual effects artist, and sound designer.

You can see my work in all of Wonderheim's content, as well as Doctor Who: The Soldier Stories Ep. 1 and 2.


- Marching arts Designer -


To those of you who don't know that much about the activity, this might sound strange, but my storytelling talents in music and visual motion translate to a keen eye in designing modern, competitive marching band shows. I work primarily for the Pride of Bixby in Oklahoma, which has enjoyed increasing popularity and competitive success on the national stage. For the last three years, the band has been a finalist at the BOA St. Louis Super Regional. This year they also captured the division AAA championship, and have been undefeated 6A-2 state champions in Oklahoma for 5 years.

My responsibilities during the marching season are concept development, co-arranging the music, visual design (drill coordinates/choreography), sound effects, and prop design.

I also design soundtracks for high school and independent winter guard ensembles competing in WGI.


- Wonderheim -

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As I've said, Wonderheim is my artistic outlet. Ever since I founded Wonderheim in 2011, I've dreamed of unique content that wasn't bound to commercial demands. It started off as a youtube channel and band, which culminated with an EP and some live performances. Eventually I pushed it into "production company" territory, but without much concern for it being monetarily productive. Finally at the end of 2016 I hit my stride when I teamed up with SC King to start producing more of the content I really wanted to make.

Now we produce film , music, dance, comics, art, photography, and more. In 2016 we announced a feature film project called Don't Bring Me Down and raised a small amount of funds to get the project going, our schedule eventually moved to a later date as the script calls for more resources than we have at the moment, but steps are being taken. I can personally assure any fans that the film is not abandoned; the dream is big, and the plan is underway.


- Personal Life -


My lovely wife, Morgan and I live in midtown Tulsa, OK with our dog, Sirius. We enjoy getting away into nature, and taking spontaneous adventures together whenever possible. On a free night you may find us hanging out at our favorite restaurant, KilKenny's Irish Pub on Cherry St.

In life, my main aspiration is to make people smile, be it through music, film, marching band, or any other means of storytelling.