We are a special race, you and I. Being human gives us incredible experiences in our tiny nook of the universe like being able to ask abstract questions. For instance...

Should being a billionaire even be a thing? Can a person honestly earn that much money? Well, after pondering this for some time, the first exception I can think of is someone who created and sold something... like George Lucas. Does he deserve to have a net worth of $5.1B? (Forbes) As an artist I'm inclined to say he does more so than a CEO, however both are similarly creators. They both worked hard to lead others and build something.

BUT... 5 Billion dollars... 

Here's how that breaks down according to my handy iPhone calculator (thanks 90s math teachers for saying we wouldn't have these everywhere we went)

Bob makes $15/hr x 40hs/w x 52w = $31,200/yr

5B / 31,200 = over 160,000

Translation: George Lucas could live equally to Bob for 160,000 years without lifting a finger. (guy in the back yells "BUT TAXES") Fine, let's just put up 1B for Lucas. 32,000 years.

Back to the top. Is this a problem? Keep in mind that putting Lucas' money up against the global average would likely add a zero to the estimate. Right now we're just talking about a fair wage.

Let me be clear, I have nothing against Lucas, and I'm a big fan of what he created. I'm just using a human example instead of a nameless monopolist. I think people who have this kind of money and power have a responsibility to the rest of mankind. Forget about countries and borders, just our human race.

Humanity is about a species that jumps in front of subway trains to save strangers. Humanity is about giving to those in need. We are the race of the good Samaritan. At least, we want it to be. But too often, the ones with power and money, aren't like the rest of us. Perhaps Money really does change you. Maybe you can only acquire such wealth by being selfish and aggressive.

Maybe the next step in our intellectual evolution is learning that we have to be heartless to get anywhere. But... that's not what we want at all. The vast majority of us want a loving world. We want peace and harmony.

There are two paths ahead. One in which we allow the powerfully rich decide humanity's future, and one in which we decide for ourselves. Do we force the ungiving super rich to give? Or do we allow them the right to keep what is theirs, and watch the rest of the world fight for scraps. Really... What is the right thing to do?

Okay, you may be able to tell where I'm leaning here. Stay with me a couple more paragraphs, though. As a race, is it our responsibility to unify our kind towards humanity? Final analogy:

The world is a classroom without a teacher. There are 20 students. One of them is a bully with a literal shipping crate of crayons. 9 kids have 6 crayons each, and 10 have none. The kids with 6-packs share with the students who have none, and the bully hoards his collection. (Except for the white crayon. Who the hell needs that useless abomination?)

Have you decided in your mind that because the crate belongs to the bully, that he should be left alone with it, unless he decides to share? What if I said the crayons represented meals? By many modern, western standards... yes. He can't be forced to feed the hungry. This isn't a law of the universe though, it's just our philosophy. My question for you then is this:

Does this philosophy bring about harmony and reflect intelligence?