Have you ever been in a room for long enough that when a fan or AC unit turns off, you only then realize how loud it was the whole time? If no one was talking, you may have thought it was silent, then something turns off, or even the power goes out, and then you realize Oh... THAT's silence...

That's what it was like. Morgan and I live next to a busy, noisy street living busy, noisy lives (I'm a musician after all). We planned a short get away to visit some friends in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains for an annual get-together. We quickly paused our noisy lives, got in a noisy car, blasted noisy music most of the drive... Then we arrived. I got out of the car and closed the door.

That. That was silence.

Not the plug your ears kind of silence, but the life-stopping kind of silence.

No highway noise, no planes. Just birds chirping and the subtle wash of a distant stream. Later on there was plenty noise to be made with laughing and playing music, but even that didn't crowd the mind. It was an experience I haven't had in years.

Several times I would retreat to the creek and wade around by myself, looking up at the trees, trees that must have been growing taller and taller for longer than anyone alive. Morgan and I spent time just enjoying each other's company. Right then and there I decided this was my goal.

Not even because I'm an introvert at the core, but because I have a psychotic romance with nature. Real nature. Not the local park, but places that you can stand in, and not know what century it is, not for sure. I always imagine that I'm retracing the steps of some teenage couple from the late 1800s, or even a Native several centuries back. We'll never know their tales, their heart's desire. But I feel like if I imagine hard enough, I connect with the past in that way. It's humbling.

Even in the time since I got back, I've been too busy to get around to finally writing this blog post and posting the few good pictures I got. (under Photos - Snow, OK) Live is noisy again, but remembering the silence gives me drive. I want to live a life that's fulfilling, every last drop. So, now it's time to get to work to make it happen. Stay tuned for the latest project.


My life with a hot wife.


My life with a hot wife.

I'm glad I have a hot wife, because even if it's for the wrong reason, everyone knows I'm a lucky man. Even if they think she's a catch because of the way she walks or smiles, even if they think she's probably a good cook (in reality an understatement), EVEN if they think I'm just lucky to have someone at all, they're right. They just don't know the half of it.

Morgan and I have been married for about a year and a half now. In that time, lots of things have changed. We've moved twice since then, she's changed jobs, and my career has evolved. Finances have gone up and down too. We've had our months of ramen noodles, and our moments of luxury.

One thing has remained cornerstone for us - Support.

I'm a creative person, with creative person needs. I think a lot of people underestimate what a serious chore living with someone like myself is! I can't focus on average daily tasks. Morgan has to remind me to do the most basic things sometimes.... like eating.

She's unreasonably patient when I need patience - she's firm when I need guidance.

Morgan is the reason I'm able to explore all the possibilities. Without her, I couldn't possibly be shooting for the stars I have my sights on now. She reminds me what I'm capable of accomplishing. She reminds me that I'm not made to live a normal life. She allows me to be me - she encourages me. She empowers me.

I could go on for quite a while, but this is already a mushy entry for the professional blog. Back to the practical message:

You must surround yourself with the right people. The people you spend your time with must share the same goals for your future. If you want to accomplish something, you absolutely cannot spend your time with those who have no interest in your success. Every person I spend any time with plays a supportive role in my art and my career.

And that's where my wife shines. Morgan is there more than anyone. She's more invested in my future than anyone else. I know I can count on her.

After all that, she is still an independent woman. She has her own future that I'm lucky enough to be a part of. School, business ventures, writing... I can't wait for her hard work to start paying off. She's been told too many times in her life that she can't do something because it's not practical. I've made it my mission to erase all traces of that message from her life. She will have every opportunity that I do. We are a team.

We are more than your everyday married couple - we are partners in crime. We are more than in love - we need each other.

And for that, I couldn't be a luckier man.


Wonderheim. What is it?


Wonderheim. What is it?

So, I have this project. It's been dormant for a little while now and I still get asked about it. No, it's most certainly not dead.

I started Wonderheim in late 2011 with a couple buddies with the hope of creating immersive music-based performances. We talked about even acquiring a run down building to turn into a venue.

It was our goal to have a positive impact on our community. We wanted to bring good causes to the spotlight, and glorify random acts of kindness through secretive good-deed-doing.

For the first year or so, this was what it looked like....

Our one success was the Dreams & Nightmares project which included social art, several videos and a CD by the same name. (which you can listen to under "Dreams & Nightmares" under the music menu) Here's the thing though. Like I've said on my about page, the phase 2 referenced at the end of the video above, did not go as planned. Long story short we tried to make it into a serious band, and failed.

I decided that once I got back from my honeymoon with Morgan I would end rehearsals with the group and retain the rights to the Wonderheim brand. I would not let this project slip away that easily.

That was a year and a half ago. So what's happened since then?

Well, a couple things. Wonderheim also officially launched a social experiment around Christmas in 2014 called Paper Letters, the nature of which was consistent with the original goal. We also launched an artistic video called Blank Canvas at the beginning of 2015. After that, it's all been behind the scenes.

I've been working on video production and composing for film for the last year while quietly gathering resources for Wonderheim's eventual return. That's not to say we were really rocking and rolling to begin with. New territory lies ahead.

Wonderheim is no longer just about music. It's not even limited to production. Wonderheim will be about this:

One last thing...One of the most common questions I get about Wonderheim, is what does the word "wonderheim" actually mean?

Well I've given several variations as to the origin and meaning. As the inventor of the word, I suppose it's about time that I write it down for all to read. This is the best I can do to describe it...

WONDERHEIM: WUN-der-hime (noun)

A non-physical place or state that can only be found when time seems to stop due to the magnitude of joy pulsing through your soul. These moments are often remembered for years, and are revisited with the stimulation of the senses.



Testimonials - Chris Stuckmann

I owe Chris great thanks for sharing these kind words with me. I've enjoyed every minute of working with him and getting to hear his ideas. He's a true filmmaker to the core. I am certain he will succeed in all his future ventures! Below are his compliments...

"Aaron's musical contributions to my content are invaluable. He's also wonderful to collaborate with and a genuinely great guy!" -Chris Stuckmann

Check out his channel on youtube and join more than 500,000 subscribers HERE!