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Aaron J. Morton - Filmmaker, Author, Designer... but above all, composer. After nearly a decade of accomplishments including national awards, a Hollywood soundtrack, and the wooing of a beautiful bride; Aaron looks forward to an even more extensive career in the creation and performance of music.

As a student, he was called a musical prodigy. After writing symphonies and competing internationally, he studied film and music at the University of Tulsa. Soon, he would begin developing his own production company.

On midnight of Christmas of 2011, across the desk from a close friend, he published a website and a YouTube channel - Wonderheim. With the invaluable help of fellow musicians and artists, he created a series of artistic videos that lead to the production of an expansive EP. The project took over a year to complete, but to this day remains one of Aaron's proudest accomplishments.

The first year saw promise. Everything that came out of the channel was a special, innocent kind of art. Among the videos were two music videos produced at no cost. Most impressive of which was "Lights"  in which twenty volunteers helped shoot off fireworks and load a 150 year-old grand piano into a field.

The Pride of Bixby Performs at the BOA St. Louis Super-Regional

The Pride of Bixby Performs at the BOA St. Louis Super-Regional

Over time, the project settled into the identity of a band. The artistic videos became a second priority, then not at all. In late 2014, the final incarnation of the band broke up. The Wonderheim name would continue forward as a production company under Aaron's leadership.

"Phase 2", as referenced in this old YouTube video, didn't happen until 2015. Wonderheim now acts as a creative outlet and collaborative effort to bring music, film, and utter magic to Tulsa.

At home, in Tulsa, Aaron is also an educator. He serves as a drill designer, sound effects engineer, and music arranger for the nationally acclaimed Bixby Bands.  His arrangements and choreography helped catapult them into the national spotlight in 2015 with their 8th-place finish at the BOA St. Louis Super-Regional, a tough competition for elite marching bands.

Aaron has worked with the program since 2012 and continues his work with the program to this day. In the winter and spring, he produces audio productions for winter guards around the country. These arrangements of music help the performers create a compelling show.

Aaron's philosophy as an artist, is that everything he makes should make people smile- be it a symphony, film, or story. The End.

For more information on Aaron's career, feel free to get in touch here.